September Competition – Win FIFA 18

Season is well under way, and stakes are getting higher. It’s time to see who can be the best at being worst throughout the September!

A special prize awaits player with best overall score during gameweeks four, five and six. A brand new FIFA 18 is there, waiting just for you!

It does not matter if you had registered for the start of the season or not, only points gathered in September will count, so it is fair and open for everyone!

You can track current September standings here!

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*In case there is more than one user with the lowest overall September score, the single lowest score in each of three gameweeks between those users will be used as a tie-breaker. If the single lowest score is the same, the second lowest gameweek score will decide the winner and so on.

**Winner of the award may select platform of his choice for the game (PC, Sony Playstation, Xbox).

***Winner will be contacted by member of our team via email provided upon registration. In case no answer is provided within five days, or the award is rejected, the award will be considered forfeit, and user with second lowest score will be contacted, and so on.

****Please note that while covers all the shipping costs, we cannot guarantee that any customs expenses won’t be applied if you reside outside of EU.