To spice up already fierce competition, we have prepared full set of awards for managers who are the best at being the worst throughout the season! There is everything to play for, and all players are eligible to take part.

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The following competitions are currently being active, with their rewards:

  • Monthly August Competition – shop gift code!
  • Monthly September Competition – Brand new FIFA 18!
  • Monthly October Competition – Brand new Football Manager 2018!
  • Mid-Season League – Home shirt of football player with the lowest score after 19 gameweeks!
  • All-Season League – Special surprises!

Monthly competitions include results only from gameweeks played during the month in question. Mid-Season League include results for gameweeks 1 through 19. All-Season League include results over the course of entire season.

All players are automatically entered in all competitions. The winner of any given competition is the player with lowest overall score over the span of relevant gameweeks. In case there is more than one user with the lowest overall score during relevant period, the single lowest score in each of the gameweeks between those users will be used as a tie-breaker. If the single lowest score is the same, the second lowest gameweek score will decide the winner and so on.

Winners will be contacted by a member of our team via email provided upon registration. In case no answer is provided within five days, or the award is rejected, the award will be considered forfeit, and user with the second lowest score will be contacted, and so on.

All monthly awards are subject to a change until the deadline of the first gameweek they are eligible for. Specific terms and conditions for monthly competitions will be announced by the first gameweek deadline of that month, at the latest.

We reserve right to announce further monthly competitions as season progresses. We also reserve right to increase award pools.

Award for All-Season League will be announced in due course.